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About the Owner

My name is Khristine and I became a Licensed Massage Therapist in April 2009 after graduating from Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in Newington, CT.   I opened Touch of Good News Therapeutic Massage & Body Works and am currently located inside the Professional Park in Naugatuck right next to Access Rehab where I am pursuing my passion in corrective therapies.  This passion started developing while I experienced several injuries myself which almost rendered me unable to perform as a therapist.  So believe me when I say that I have been there and understand how it is to have pain & discomfort.  However, these injuries drove me to continue my education to a deeper level of therapy  so that I am better able to help my clients.   I also believe that coming from a place of pain & discomfort allows me to give my best and to understand the needs of my clients as well.  I specialize in corrective therapies in which I integrate multiple techniques and structure them uniquely to each individual according to the injury and the specific phase to that injury.  I will also engage in a conversation about habitual activities that could potentially be causing each persons ailments and give my professional recommendation on how and what to make changes on.   I look forward to the opportunity to not only meet you but to also assist you on your path of healing.  Thank you in advance!

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Thomas M.

Oxford, CT

5.0 star rating 6/10

If you're looking for a phenomenal massage, if you only want the best, if you want to leave a massage therapist's office wondering why it didn't cost more, go to Khristy Long. I have seen several massage therapists over the years, Khristy is the best bar none. I can say with the utmost confidence that any one who goes to see her will leave with a strong desire to see her again. The best massage therapist i have encountered, period.

Jay C.

Naugatuck, CT

5.0 star rating 4/22

Khristy Long is a great massage therapist! I would highly recommend her massages! I feel quite good after a session with her and she works around my schedule.

Hannah L.

Naugatuck, CT

5.0 star rating 11/21

Wow! Here's my story and how Khristy has helped me. I was in a car accident in August & was going to a chiropractor for two months; when that didn't work as well as I had anticipated, I scheduled a massage with Khristy. I have only been seeing her for the past month but she has helped my back/neck feel so much better and so much quicker than I realized was even possible. The first time I went, as Khristy was giving me a massage, I asked if she would tell me what she was feeling. Without given any paperwork, she literally identified everything (tilted pelvis, curvature differences) that was revealed in the X-Ray I had taken the day after my car accident - at that point, within ten minutes of meeting her, I knew she would be my new massage therapist forever, or until I leave CT. She is also extremely friendly and personable with everyone and truly wants to see everyone at their best potential possible. She really loves her practice and you will see the passion immediately upon meeting her. She will always fit you in her schedule somehow; you will truly feel better after seeing her and look forward to your next appointment while wondering how you're going to break it off with your now, "ex massage therapist."

Suzanne G.

Oak Park, CA

5.0 star rating 12/28

I just moved to the area and was desperately in need of a massage. Based on the other Yelp reviews, I e-mailed Khristy (late at night) and requested an appointment. She responded by e-mail AND called me first thing in the morning!

I've had many massages and I can tell you that Khristy is a very knowledgeable and skilled massage therapist. She has a passion for her profession and it shows.

Khristy has a very professional demeanor, yet she has the ability to make you feel instantly comfortable with her and confident in her abilities.

Located inside a wellness center, the massage office atmosphere is peaceful and private. I felt vey relaxed and comfortable in the massage room. The heated massage bed was a heavenly.

If you are looking for a professional massage therapist, look no further. Give Khristy a call. You will not be disappointed.

Nancy M.

Beacon Falls, CT

4.0 star rating 3/5

I came across Khristy when I did a google search for massage places in Naugatuck area. Treated my Mom to a 90 minute massage last week and since she was happy with the service, I booked one for me this week. The ambiance is not a "day spa", however, from a service standpoint Kristy is very responsible to emails/phone calls, has a very comfortable heated table and a relaxing room. Her pricing is very reasonable for massages and I definitely will go back (I even booked a 2nd appointment when I left).

Michael B.

Naugatuck, CT

5.0 star rating 12/10

Khristy is great at her job. During my first appointment with her she asked if I had any problem areas. I told her that for quite a while my shoulder had been giving me trouble. It had been less flexible than the other one and sometimes painful. After the first visit it felt much better and now it doesn't bother me at all. She really knows her craft. I go monthly now and I feel great afterwards! It is so relaxing. I highly recommend that you treat yourself to a massage, you will be glad you did. It's also a great gift to give to give to someone. I have given a couple of gift certificates to people and they have loved it.

Kate J.

Prospect, CT

5.0 star rating 10/20

Khristy is professional and very caring. She is knowledgeable and wants to help the clients in her hands. She communicates well and her experience and knowledge allow for a great, therapeutic massage. She can deliver deep pressure to provide relief for tight muscles. She knows the anatomy , muscles and their actions which provide a truly therapeutic lasting massage. She also can deliver a relaxing nurturing massage as well, You will not be disappointed and you will be very happy in her capable hands.

Brian B.

Naugatuck, CT

5.0 star rating 6/4

Khristy is the best! She's very knowledgeable and gives great massages. She's always accommodating with scheduling and runs a very calm and friendly environment.

Gabriela V.

Norwalk, CT

5.0 star rating 7/17

definitely the best massage terapist!!!! Love everything about this awesome place! I don't care about the long drive just to get a session because is definitely WORTH IT!!!!!! Highly recommended!

Laura K.

Naugatuck, CT

5.0 star rating 10/19

I have been going to Khristy for massage therapy for two and a half years now. When we first began, I was in a lot of pain and not able to do activities I enjoy (walks, shopping gardening, etc.) due to a lower back injury. Thanks to Khristy I can now do these things without pain and enjoy life again. To this day I look forward to my massage once a week and continue to get stronger and more confident about doing everyday activities. I would recommend her service to anyone! 

Andy K.



Khristy is a skilled massage therapist who truly excels at her craft. Her goal is to provide her clients with long term healing. Never fails to provide relief for the aches and pains I bring to her. The rates are fair and the office hours have some flexibility. I give Khristy my highest recommendation.

Elizabeth R.

Watertown, CT


Excellent therapeutic massage therapist. Knows muscles of the body to perfection and can therefore deal with problems associated with them. Muscle pulled, sore muscle, bad back, she knows what to do. Great at healing you naturally and getting body back to normal. Recommend her, she is a highly skilled professional.

Jennifer C.


Can't thank Khristy enough for seeing me last minute, being an amazing therapist and for the positive overall experience I had. Truly a Godsend for me!

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